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I need your help!

I am doing my dissertation on the efficacy of guard dogs against coyote predation. To do this I need to collect as much data as possible with surveys. I put together a questionnaire, I am trying to collect a database of names to send it out to. To be eligible you need to have sheep, a guard dog(s), and coyote concerns. Please pass this on to friends, family, neighbors, and sheep newsletters. Please send an email with contact information that I can send a survey to with "Guard Dog Survey" in the subject line.  OR you can download the "Guard Dog Survey" from our website.

Thank You in advance for your help, Kyle

Jasper's grandson and the new flock guardian.


Ibis & Samuel
Born 7/27/2015

Willow Farm Wool has qualified in 3 areas, livestock, farmstead and cropping!

MAEAP verified farms keep their land, water, and air as healthy as the food they produce.
They represent the highest standards of environmental stewardship and the pinnacle of responsible agriculture.

MAEAP farms are required to go through a rigorous review by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development every three years to ensure they are in compliance with MAEAP standards.

For more information about the MAEAP program, please visit their website at http://www.maeap.org/about.





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